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A little bit about what we do and why we do it.

Once upon a time...

The year was 2012, and in the back room of an expensive Los Angeles marketing agency sat a group of marketers passionate about marketing and data. They believed they could offer digital marketing services at an affordable price for any small business owner. Those group of marketers left their employer and started Shortly after the low-cost marketing revolution was born!

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Passionate About Our Work

We offer all of the necessary marketing services for your business to thrive online.

Adwords Management

Our team has the ability to lower your cost per click while increasing your conversions.

Social Media Ads

We have been creating social media ads since the days of Myspace! Our team has the skills to capture new clients attention on Facebook, Instagram and more!

Local SEO

98err's Local SEO specialists know what it takes for your business to be found on Google Maps.

Email Marketing

Did you know 80% of your customers will never come back to you even if they enjoy your product or service? The solution is a friendly email reminder that you still exist.

Content Marketing

Our in-house bloggers can save you tons of time writing and researching your next blog topic. We can create weekly, bi-weekly or monthly blogs for you!

Youtube Advertising

Need help running your video advertisement on Youtube? Perfect that's exactly what our Youtube advertising experts focus on.

Our Sweet Sweet Skills

What's the reason our clients stay with us? Think about it, the primary reason for hiring a marketing agency is because you do not have the time to research marketing trends and study data on your own. But hiring a company comes at a cost. You need to make sure that the company can bring you clients, fits within your budget and can deliver a return on investment. Well, 98err solves all those problems. Our campaigns are data driven to ensure our clients receive higher conversions at a lower cost, our services are only a few dollars a day to ensure your return on investment is always protected. That is why we are a small business owners BFF!

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