Monthly Conversions

Moppify acquires on average 156 new clients a month.


Social Media Conversions

Moppify acquires on average 62 new clients from social media advertising per month.


Adwords Conversions

On average Moppify acquires 71 new clients per month from Google AdWords targeting only 10 keywords with four ad campaigns.


Number One Positions

In just three years Moppify has captured the number one spot on Google for over 13 keywords in multiple sub-cities of Los Angeles.

Moppify’s Story.

Moppify signed up to 98err in the summer of 2016. Moppify at the time was just a name and two women that wanted to start a cleaning business. They had saved up a $2500 budget to invest in their online marketing. They needed a website and a marketing strategy. They knew nothing about marketing and they had a very small budget.

Once their website was developed the initial stages of the marketing campaign kicked off. The local SEO began, the social media ads began targeting their key demographic and their Google AdWords were turned on.
After the first year, they were immediately seeing a return on their investment. Their website sales became consistent and daily conversions were regular. At this point, they had turned their $2500 investment in marketing into $5,000 in new sales a month.
In December  2017 Moppify had captured 3 number one placements on Google maps and increased their ad budget to $5000 a month. At a $5000 Advertising budget, they were able to see a return on investment of $10,000 a month in new client conversions.
Flash forward to today. Moppify Has hired more than 11 cleaners and counting, have an ad budget of over $10,000 a month and a conversion rate of nearly 25% (for new website visitors). They have seen a massive return on their initial $2500 investment.

The Strategy

The experts at 98err drafted up the perfect strategy for Moppify. The fact that they operate locally and have to physically appear to each home meant that Local SEO was essential to the marketing campaign. But, SEO takes time to rank, especially for a new business. So the 98err experts also placed them on a Google Adwords campaign to drive instant traffic to the site. This traffic along with the Facebook Advertising combined for a sudden surge of qualified traffic to their new site.

Conversion Optimized Website 0
Local SEO 0
Google Adwords 0
Social Media Targeted Advertising 0

Start a success story of your own

Want to be one of our next success stories? The beauty with 98err is that our pricing allows small businesses to grow by not charging them an arm and a leg to get started. And as you grow we will grow with you. We are invested into the success of your business just as much as you are.